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  HydroShield is a revolutionary hydro-phobic (water repellent) surface protectant that protects glass and glazed surfaces and natural stone. 
HydroShield chemically bonds to surfaces at the molecular level, eliminating microscopic peaks and valleys where corrosion begins. 
HydroShield will not distort or change the appearance of glass. HydroShield is not a film so it will not chip, peel or discolor. HydroShield works
 by changing the molecular structure at the surface by replacing the Oxygen molecules with Carbon molecules. The result is an ultra smooth, transparent barrier that protects glass, porcelain, and natural stone from the harmful effects of environmental pollutants, hard water, harsh cleansers and corrosion . The same contaminates that stain and permanently damage untreated surfaces cannot bond once treated with HydroShield eco-friendly coating. Surfaces are 75% easier to clean.  HydroShield also strengthens glass and protects the surface from scratching. 

The Future of Surface Protection
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HydroShield is the Ultimate Surface Protection for Residential and Commercial surfaces including Shower Glass, Granite, Tile, Grout, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate and Exterior Glass. 
Hard water minerals, oils, dirt and other contaminates penetrate surface pores and build up, resulting in permanent stain damage. Cleaning requires harsh chemicals and abrasives. 
The same contaminates that stain and permanently damage untreated surfaces cannot bond once treated with HydroShield. Cleaning is as simple as wiping it away. 
HydroShield for Granite & Quartz Surfaces
Dual layered, hybrid coating provides your granite the ultimate protection, giving you peace of mind. 
Anti-Bacterial ~ Eco-Friendly ~ Easy to Clean

HydroShield for Shower Glass
HydroShield Slated to Redefine "EcoHealth" at the 2019 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas
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HydroShield provides the Worlds best protective coating for Shower Glass. The result is smooth shower glass that repels water and soap scum. HydroShield is invisible and will never chip, flake or peel. 
Looks New for Years ~ Protects your Investment